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[CONTENTS CREATOR] Announcement: thekine will be joining SCARZ!

We are pleased to announce that thekine will be joining us as a content creator!







Joining SCARZ all the way from North America, one of the highest-ranking predators in Apex Legends, is thekine!

He brings good times and vibes wherever he goes, and he has one of the nicest communities on Twitch.

Being born and raised in Hawaii, he cherishes his home with his island motifs and designs.


Comment from thekine:

“Hey everyone my name is thekine and I’m extremely happy to be SCARZ newest content creator! I am half Japanese and from Hawaii. I’m excited to meet the Japanese Apex community and want to play with more Japanese players to practice as much Japanese as I can!”



You will have our continued support as a team through your streaming and events, and we look forward to having you on the team!

To all of our fans we appreciate your continued support and encouragement of SCARZ.