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    Arena of Valor


    The SCARZ AoV division will start its activities by welcoming the best members from Japanese representatives of the “Arena of Valor” International Competition 2021 (AIC 2021).


    Player Comment



    I want to do my best!



    I will do my best to compete on the world stage, armed with the experience I have gained in numerous competitions and the teamwork of my friends.



    I’ll do my best to compete on the world stage!



    I am pleased to announce that I am joining the SCARZ AOV division!

    Up until now, I have been playing non-JG rolls, mainly ADC and SP, but I think I will come full circle and play DSL, my roots, for a while.

    This year, I aim to be the best DSL laner in Japan, with the goal of reaching the world’s top 8, while also supporting the team as an all-rounder!

    Best regards!



    I’ll do my best to make it work!



    I am very happy to carry the name of SCARZ, which once stood as an absolute powerhouse in AOV.

    The entire team will do our best, and we ask for your support.



    Please support our players.


    The SCARZ AOV division will compete in the “Arena of Japan 2022” on March 19 (Sat.) and 20 (Sun.) for the first time.

    As a team aiming for the top of the world, we will do our best to become a leading team in the AOV division.

    We look forward to your warm support and encouragement for the SCARZ AOV division as they create a new history.


    Legendary Showdown -Arena of Valor

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