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[eMotersports] Notice of Establishment of New Division

We are pleased to announce that SCARZ has established an eMotersports division.

The following two players will join the division.

#22 TakuAn (@Taku_110202)

#25 Goto (@ttgusk_)


– TakuAn to all fans

I am really looking forward to being a part of SCARZ in the eMotersports division!

Please support me from now on. ✌️”


Takuan has competed in the “Gran Turismo World Series Nations Cup“, “Gran Turismo World Series Manufacturers Cup

He is actively participating in the “TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup 2023“. Each of these competitions has its own world championship, and TakuAn is aiming for the top.

The next round will be the “Gran Turismo World Series Nations Cup” on June 3, which will determine the World Finalists for the international competitions held in August and December. He is currently in 2nd place in the “Gran Turismo World Series Nations Cup“.



– From Goto to his fans

“I’m going to do my best in the esports Olympics! I will do my best for the esports Olympics. ❗️

Although eMotersports is not well recognized by game fans as a whole, I hope you will pay attention to it in the future. ❗️”


Goto is the strongest time attacker in Japan who has qualified for the first esports event in the Olympics.

The “Olympic eSports Week 2023” event will be broadcast live in Singapore on June 25.

They will also compete in the “National Prefectural eSports Championship 2023 KAGOSHIMA Gran Turismo 7 Division” in Japan in July.




Their main title will be “Gran Turismo”.


The first round of the eMotersports division will be

Olympic eSports Week 2023” to be held in Singapore from June 22.

We look forward to your support!



Gran Turismo
Developed by Polyphony Digital, a Japanese computer game developer.

It is a racing simulation game series developed by Polyphony Digital, a Japanese computer game developer.

It has been highly acclaimed for its realistic simulation, a wide variety of car models, and beautiful graphics,

It has become a popular series with many fans around the world.

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