【Apex Legends】Mande Notice of Player Retirement

Announcement of the retirement of Mande, a member of the Apex Legends division.



We will announce that Mande, who has been active in the Apex Legends division, is leaving the division.


Since the establishment of the Apex Legends European Division in March 2021, Mande has had several accomplishments, including winning the “ALGS Championship 2021 – EMEA”, placing first in the “ALGS 2022 Last Chance Qualifier 2 – EMEA”, and advancing to the “Apex Legends Global Series: 2022 Championship”. He has also been instrumental in establishing the EU division of Apex Legends, winning the “ALGS Championship 2021 – EMEA” and advancing to the “Apex Legends Global Series: 2022 Championship”.

His aggressive play as well as his fun-loving personality have attracted fans from all over the world.


He has expressed his desire to try his hand at being a streamer on his own, and after discussions with the other two players, the team has agreed to accept his wishes and resign from the team.

Once again, we would like to thank Mande for his contribution to the team and wish him success in his future endeavors.


Thank you!


Comment from Mande

I would like to thank scarz for everything they have done, not only for me but also taisheen and rpr. I will forever be grateful for the time I had in scarz and they will always have a special place in my heart. Love you all.


Comments from rpr and Taisheen


It was an honor to play in a team with someone I consider like a brother to me, I have loved watching Mande grow and wish nothing but the best for him in whatever he decides to do next. It’s an end of an era but it’s not a goodbye but see you later.



Mande the Big Man! It was a pleasure having you by my side in the competition since the beginning, we were nothing and look at us now how far we have come. The beautiful part is how well you be doing and getting better every day. Take care of yourself I hope the plans you have come true. We made good memories and history! If we even aint competing together we still are ranked farming for sure! Take care brother I love you!


As for rpr and Taisheen will temporarily suspend their activities in the competition scene and will work as content creators for SCARZ.

As for the division, we are considering forming a new team for the next ALGS and will keep you posted on the details.


We would like to ask for your continued generous support and encouragement for the Apex Legends division.