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【Call of Duty】NevvtonX – Notice of Player Withdrawal

NevvtonX, a member of the Call of Duty division, has withdrawn from competition.



NevvtonX has been a SCARZ player for almost 2 years since the 2019 CoD:MW division reunion.

In 2020, he led the team to many victories, including second place in the CoD Challengers Spring and Summer tournaments.

He was a mood-maker and a player who clutched the team from dire situations with his overpowering individual skills.

He has expressed his desire to pursue a second career with Apex Legends, so he has decided to leave the team.

We would like to thank him again for his contribution to the team and wish him success and good health in his future endeavors.


Comment from NevvtonX

I am very happy for the team and myself to have joined SCARZ, a company I have admired since I started playing COD esports, and to have achieved the results that I have. Thank you so much to all the fans who have supported me for almost two years and to everyone involved in the tournaments.”

We look forward to your continued warm support and encouragement for the Call of Duty division.