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SCARZ is a professional gaming team that is active on the front lines of esports in Japan.
As one of the largest teams in Japan, we have many divisions and have a track record in domestic and overseas competitions.

With the slogan "KEEP IT REAL" in the words of genuine meaning, we will work together as a genuine professional and create a way to keep pursuing dreams so that everyone involved with SCARZ can continue to be genuine.
In order for each team member to have a dream in the game, we will pursue a team system where all the team management staff can and will support with all their might.

Origin of the name: Existence that keeps leaving a mark on people's hearts
Brand color: Red & Black
Team Abbreviation: SZ


  1. 1. Challenge the world with those who love SCARZ
  2. 2. Be an inclusive gaming community
  3. 3. Create the “Esports is life” lifestyle
  4. 4. Grow into a legendary team
  5. 5. Embrace passion for those who want to achieve their dreams

友利 洋一 (ONEONE)友利 洋一 (ONEONE)

Representative of Professional esports Team SCARZ /
President of XENOZ Co., Ltd.

Yoichi Tomori (ONE ONE)

Aiming to be a team that can set the front line even in world standards

”SCARZ was founded on February 21, 2012 with the game "BATTLEFIELD 3" with the meaning of "existence that keeps leaving a mark on people's hearts".
The gorup was an amateur and become multi-title team in 2015, then after our first sponsorship contract, we transitioned into a professional team.
From March 2021, we decided to renew our branding with a new logo and brand color under the slogan "KEEP IT REAL".

By working with "Kawasaki" as a hometown and acquiring European players for the first time in the history of Japanese teams, we believe that we can expand the range of activities in Japan and overseas more than ever.
Even if it is just a game, I would like to support people who pursue their dreams as a team, and I hope to be a team that can set the front line on the world stage.
We will continue to work together with our fans and sponsors as an organization aiming for the top of the world, and we look forward to your continued support.”


Company Name
XENOZ Co., Ltd.
701, 15-5 Bankan Building, 15-5 Ekimae Honcho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa 210-0007
Company formation
April 25, 2016
Yoichi Tomori


2012 . 02
Established "SCARZ"
2015 . 05
Multi-gaming team
2015 . 06
Started activities as a professional e-sports team
2016 . 04
Established operating company "XENOZ Co., Ltd." Established the first gaming house
Obtained an athlete visa for overseas athletes for the first time
2018 . 02
"League of Legends" merged with team "Burning Core" and acted as "SCARZ Burning Core"
2019 . 12
Music producer "KSUKE" becomes ambassador (SZ Family)
2020 . 08
Mental coach trial introduction
2021 . 03
Branding including logo & team color renewed With the acquisition of the first European player in the history of the Japanese esports team, an EU team was formed and the hometown is "Kawasaki"